The Pavilion is a demountable building for Yorkshire Forward to promote, showcase and host events to celebrate the continuing Renaissance of Yorkshire’s great places and to demonstrate the Renaissance Commitment to Great Places.

The temporal structure of the pavilion consists in a rectangular grid system composed of 82 columns at 1.6 metres intervals and a network of transversal wind-bracing elements which is entirely covered in its length by a tensile structure. The columns are made of paper tubes which are treated with paraffin water-proofing.

A key characteristic of the design is how the pavilion is camouflage from the surrounding environment through of the variety of colours added to the paper tubes in order to provoke the public attention.

Yorkshire Temporary Pavilion

Conceptual Design


Location: Yorkshire, UK

Principal Use: Temporal Events Pavilion

Client: Yorkshire Forward

Total build area: 289 sqm (3,110 sq ft)

Budget: Not to be disclosed