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December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

It has been a pleasure making architecture this past year and with your help we will continue to do so.

















June 2016

Our Studio

We are creating a compilation of our work of the last 8 years.

This selection aims to disseminate our built work and those ideas and design principles that form part of our method of composition.











January 2016

Better Architecture

We are currently restructuring our practice to create better architecture. During this process we would be working closely with all of our clients.

















August 2015

Colour, Transparency and Reflection

We have learnt how the use of certain materials can generate spaces that are in constant change.

Small spaces can surprisingly transmute by letting natural light to interact with reflective materials. The result could be an space that changes colour and shade in relation to time and daylight.

Perhaps the right use of materials could lead to architecture that resembles the use of watercolours.

















































June 2015

Bespoke Skylights

We have designed a series of skylights for a new loft conversion in Shepherd's Bush.

Our aim is to enable homeowners to have a closer relationship with their environment. We believe that architecture is a tool to let nature and users to interact.



























Jan 2015

New Residential Development

We have received full planning permission for a new residential development in East London for the creation of four new dwelling family units and four one bedroom apartments. We have worked closely with London Borough of Newham to achieve a proposal that encourages an active frontage, creates high quality residential units and enhances the surrounding by incorporating landscaped terraces thorughout this development.

Planning and design officers have quoted as follows: "...The design makes excellent use of a small site, in an imaginative way..."













May 2014

Supporting RIBA Membership

The Royal Institute of British Architects has recently launched a video to promote architects to become members. We believe that being a RIBA Chartered Member is a privilege and raise our profile among colleagues and potential clients.

click here to watch the full video >




















February 2014

Boutique Hotel

We have received planning permission for a new Boutique Hotel in the heart of the city. This development consists of 18 luxury rooms to accommodate business visitors in one of the most important financial districts worldwide.


























February 2014

Residential Units

This beautiful building contains residential units, our proposal will include a rear extension,new basement, new rear dormers to enhance the living quality of their inhabitants.

We believe this is a great opportunity to create a balance between the original character of the building and those new spaces.














January 2014

Sustainable Residential

Our involvement on this development has enabled us to understand that good architecture is capable to correlate with its surrounding.

During the design and planning stage of this development we produced a detailed BRE Daylight Sunlight analysis to understand how this development can maintain good levels of daylight and sunlight to the surrounding area meanwhile incorporating architectonic elements that enhance the appearance of its context.




































December 2013

Restoration of Industrial Units

We have been appointed to restore this industrial unit in Fulham in order to create a new residential unit.

We are convinced that by exposing and repointing the existing brickwall we could bring back the original character of the building. The proportions of the new windows and door has a strong relationship with the adjoining arches.



















November 2013

Design and Management

We are currently working on the architectural, structural design and project management for the development of a new Hotel in the Square Mile.

















November 2013

Residential Units under Permitted Dev.

We received approval to develop 11 residential units under Permitted Development Rights for Change of Use from Office B1 to Residential C3.

The demand for residential units in London has forced people, in many cases, to tolerate unpleasant living conditions. Afterhourstudio Architects encourage and promote the initiative of developers and authorities that are eager to use vacant office buildings to create more residential accommodation throughout London.

Pembroke House is a perfect example how developers and architects can work together to provide more residential accommodation in London.









October 2013

Inside Our Practice

This image was taken to stress the large quantities of paper we use during the design process of various projects or during the administration of our practice.

As a consequence we decided to design and produce a cladding system that could be made of recycled paper.

























September 2013

Hotel Pod Rooms Bespoke Design

We are working on the design of room pods for a small hotel development. These bespoke units are designed to provide all the basic needs of its users. En-suite bathrooms are incorporated.

The units are thermally and acoustically insulated. Each unit can be personalised inside and outside.

Our next step is to produce a 3D detailed model so we can bring this idea to production.
























September 2013

House Enhancement

We are currently working on the enhancement of a family dwelling home. We are incorporating different elements that will enable their inhabitants to have a better connection between the living areas and the outdoor spaces.

The outdoor areas consist of bespoke benches and new planting. After exploring different ideas of outdoor lighting we decided to use a strip LED lighting system which together with the hardwood decking system produce a sense of calm and coziness.

Our next step is introduce the plants which we believe will make this home a perfect place to live.


















































































August 2013

Residential Units

Temporary accommodation can be achieved using flexible structures and flexible internal layouts that could be adjusted to fit particular requirements.

This sketches were prepared to be discussed with the Client and Planning Authorities. We strongly believe early discussions with the relevant authorities could guide towards a better architecture.























July 2013

Pop Up Residential Units

We are currently working on a development to provide temporary accommodation in East London. These units should be easy to assemble and enable up to 4 people to live in.

We have proposed the use of 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers. Each house is spread over two levels.

This proposal is still work in progress, although we are aiming to meet Planning Authorities early next month.















July 2013

Young Architect of the Year : Entry

We are participating in the Young Architect of the Year Award. This award recognises the most promising new architectural practice in the European Union. Organised by BD, the unique judging process involves internationally renowed architects and critics and results in one of the most rigorous and stimulating competitions around.






































June 2013

City Hotel : Revisiting a Project

We have revisited the City to take some photographs of a Hotel we designed last year. This photograph has been taken from the neighbouring courtyard towards the new Hotel.

During the design process we decided to set back the upper floors to reduce the visual scale of the building, this enabled us to introduce a terrace and a balcony.

We believe that by incorporating outdoor spaces a sense of freedom is created.

The palette of colours we have choosen, to clad the new building, aims to make the impression that the building is smaller in size.














BRE Daylight and Sunlight : As-Built

We are very interested to understand the impact that our 'built' projects could have on the neighbouring occupants, which has lead us to work on a serie of studies which we will use as a reference for current and upcoming projects.

This particular study (VSC) analyse the reduction in the amount of skylight and whether or not this will be noticeable by the occupants of the adjoining properties.

If we can understand how to design buildings that could reduce the need for electric lighting of any adjoining property, we could certainly enhance the energy efficiency of our society.





















June 2013

Countryside Hotel : Concept Design

Afterhourstudio Architects has been appointed to carry out the conceptual design for a Hotel in the countryside, part of the brief is to use economical architecture.

These individual rooms will be raised off the ground to minimize their impact on the landscape. We are researching for materials that can weather over time, eventually blending seamlessly with the landscape.

We would like to produce a unique experience for the users.














June 2013

Social Housing : Temporary Shelter

We face the challenge of designing and constructing habitable spaces for those seeking temporary accommodation.

Afterhourstudio Architects is exploring new methods to provide accommodation that could gradually expand without making any detrimental impact on its surrounding.

Is indespensable to understand that shelter does not have to be standardized. Inhabitants should manipulate their living spaces during the construction process and be capable to expand or contract to create organizational structures.

We are currently working on the prototype for a proposal that we named "Plytree".


































June 2013

Residential Units : Planning

Afterhourstudio Architects has been appointed to design new residential apartments on the top of an existing end-of-terrace building, located at the southern end of Woodstock Grove, to the south of Holland Park roundabout and Shepherd's Bush railway and underground stations.

Woodstock Grove is a residential street with two or three storey terraced houses of various architectural styles, but predominantly Georgian.

The building, among others, was originally built as a warehouse and was used for many years as part of the BBC studios before being converted to business and residential units in the mid 1990's.

We are currently searching for different materials for the new cladding system.
































April 2013

City Hotel Design : Feasibility Studies

Afterhourstudio Architects has been appointed to prepare a feasibility study for a new hotel in the heart of the City.
The new facade will require different studies of scale, proportion, materials, etc.

We believe good architecture should blend with its surrounding or dramatically contrast it. Achieving the right balance require exhaustive studies.

Hopefully we will go in the right direction.















































March 2013

Free Consultation : Charitable Initiative

Afterhourstudio Architects has signed up to take part in Architecture in the House - the joint charitable initiative by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Shelter.

Homeowners can receive an hour consultation. Whether it is inspiration for a study, an extra bedroom, or just better living space you need we can offer creativity and professional advice that will help bring your ideas to life - there is no project too small.

Visit our office for a free consultation.
















February 2013

Interior Design : Bespoke Bathroom

We are often researching new materials and effects. Afterhourstudio Architects designed this bathroom using reflective decorative waterproof panels, bespoke mirrors and italian mosaic tiles.

29 I 01 I 2015

Afterhourstudio Architects is a growing architectural practice with projects throughout London. We are in the process of enhancing our branding as part of a long term business plan. Our portfolio is rapidly expanding and we are very excited about sharing this with you over the next few weeks.

30 I 05 I 2014

We have been appointed by a local Bank to extend their headquarters.

13 I 02 I 2014

We have received planning consent for a Boutique Hotel in the heart of the city. This luxury 18 rooms hotel incorporates disabled access, meeting and conference room, lounge room and other facilities for those business visitors.

07 I 02 I 2014

We have been appointed to create the second basemet of a house in Fulham Broadway.

06 I 02 I 2014

We have been appointed to create a new extension of a house in Hammersmith.

05 I 02 I 2014

We are working on the specifications and details of one of our favourite projects. 32 Woodstock Grove is a residential development that has enabled us to experiment with different materials and structural technics.

13 I 01 I 2014

We are working on various small residential developments in West London. We are using 3D Laser technic during planning and building control to create a more precise architecture.

14 I 11 I 2013

Our practice was selected by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to promote a video that aims to encourage architects to join the RIBA.

13 I 11 I 2013

We have received approval to develop 11 residential units under Permitted Development Rights for Change of Use. The development aims to promote quality residential units.

08 I 11 I 2013

We have been appointed to proceed with the specifications and structural design for a Hotel development in the city. Our design aims to create an outstanding building.

16 I 09 I 2013

One of our clients has approached us again to produce the detailed design for a new building in the city.

22 I 08 I 2013

We have been appointed by a family at Inverness Terrace to produce a design that could enhance the relationship between the living areas and outdoors spaces.

19 I 08 I 2013

We have been appointed to create new residential units in a building that has been used as office spaces. The project is located in Ruislip.

22 I 07 I 2013

Last week we have been appointed to create new temporary accommodation units in East London.

05 I 07 I 2013

A couple of weeks ago we have been appointed to prepare the design of a New Cabin Hotel in Northampton. Currently working on the design of the cabins, trying to maximize these units.

04 I 06 I 2013

We have been appointed to prepare a feasibility study to create a second basement of a family house within the Earls Court Village Conservation Area.

21 I 05 I 2013

We have been appointed to prepare the design for a Full Planning Application for a new residential development. This building was used for many years as part of the BBC Studios.

24 I 04 I 2013

We completed an Outline Feasibility Study for a new accommodation development close to the Parish Church of St Helen's Bishopsgate.

11 I 04 I 2013

Interior design of a large apartment would enable us to research new lighting systems.

03 I 04 I 2013

Working on a proposal to promote self-built sustainable houses. Use of 3D models would facilitate production of structural elements.

21 I 03 I 2013

We are promoting Architect in The House, we are very happy to help homeowners to improve their homes. Free consultations are open, visit our office and we would help as much as we can.

15 I 03 I 2013

We completed the external facade of a Hotel in the city. The design process of this new external facade was very complex but also very interesting.

03 I 03 I 2013

Use of glossy melamine in the interior design of a Penthouse has been an unusual construction experience. The hidden fixing system allows to create outstanding decorative walls. On the other hand, the reflection of the panels creates amazing reflections.

25 I 02 I 2013

We have completed a schedule of dilapidations for a property in the heart of the city. This would help the Landlord to claim compensation of building cost from the tenants.

11 I 02 I 2013

We have been appointed to design temporary retail shops along Brick Lane. This proposal use containers and promotes recycling building technics.

25 I 01 I 2013

We have started working on a mobile structure using digital technics. Aiming to reduce waste materias. Use of CNC cutting technology will be indispensable.
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Passion and drive are essential and the right candidate must be a team player with the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

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